Car Tips


Gabriel’s Auto provides complete bumper to bumper service, repair and maintenance for your car, truck, minivan, SUV, import, or domestic. Gabriel’s Auto Specialists provides the following for almost all Import and Domestic vehicles found on the road today. We pride ourselves in being able to do all the repairs on any vehicle you drive.


As your truck, SUV, car, minivan, or recreational vehicle drives down the road, vibration and age can cause the electrical contacts in your vehicle to deteriorate. We are experts at electrical system diagnostics, repair and upgrades. With all of the wires that run through your vehicle, you need someone with the knowledge to correctly diagnose the problem and the skill to repair it.


Engine Repair

Pistons, crankshafts, cams, and more. We have years of experience replacing every working part in your automobile. We have serviced a large amount of cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, that are import and domestic. Our master technicians are trained to be able to diagnose your every engine need to your complete satisfaction.

Engine Performance

Gabriel’s Auto Specialists seeks to optimize your engine’s performance to save you both money and hassles with pollutant compliance issues. With state of the art equipment, we are capable of testing your vehicle under simulated operating conditions before and after repairs. Your vehicle runs best with up to date services and saves you money in gas and other costly repairs in the future. It ensures the safety of your vehicle and will keep you on the road longer.



Gabriel’s Auto Specialists is certified in both standard and automatic transmission repairs on most makes and models of vehicles available in the United States. We can replace, repair or service most import and domestic transmissions. Our team can keep any of your transmissions shifting smoothly for years to come.


Sick and tired of that squeaking sound at the stop sign every morning on the way to work? Bring your vehicle in now to avoid additional damage to your brake system. Gabriel’s Auto Specialists is adept with all brakes systems in use today. Any problem you have with your braking will be checked immediately to insure the safety in your vehicle. We replace and repair the brakes on your vehicle to make certain that you can rely on your brakes at all times in any weather condition.



Tire Pressure can often be overlooked when your car is equipped with tire-inflation sensors which are now mandatory started in 2008. The pressure can have an adverse affect on stopping distance while braking, risk of blowout, and poor handling. The sensor only comes on after the tires are under inflated 25%. Regular maintenance will make sure your tires are correct pressure and wear level making your vehicle safe to drive.

Cooling Systems

California heat demands that the cooling system in your vehicle performs up to standard. Gabriel’s Auto Specialists has the diagnostic equipment and the expertise to solve your cooling system problems. The heat can take a toll on your car if not cared for. Having your cooling system running well makes sure the summer heat doesn’t take a toll on you too.